Bill Kingsley Lead Pastor
Bill Kingsley
Lead Pastor


Bill (PB) has served at Brick since July of 2007. Prior to taking the Sr. Pastorate, he served in ministry for over 13 years as Youth Pastor in New York, Associate Pastor in Maine and more recently in New Hampshire. PB has also served on a District and National level in the Youth Department of the International Fellowship of Christian Assembly (IFCA), formally the CCNA. In 1990, PB graduated from Hudson Fall High School and in 1996 from Zion Bible College (ZBI) with a Bachelor of Bible, currently Northpoint Bible College. He is currently ordained with the IFCA.

The Kingsley's
The Kingsley’s

Lynn is a 1996 graduate of ZBI with a Bachelor of Bible, and has faithfully served in full time ministry alongside PB since their wedding in October of 1993. Lynn currently a First &Second Grade Teacher at the Rutland Area Christian School where she has taught for several years. She loves working with children and ministering in music. Lynn has faithfully offered herself in ministry on various Praise Teams and has ministered in special music from time to time. In addition, Lynn has served in Preschool Sunday School and Children’s Church. From 2005-2007 she was employed as a 3N Preschool Teacher at Sonshine Preschool and Daycare.

Their firstborn, Nathaniel was born in Syracuse, NY on December 1. Madison was also born in Syracuse, NY on January 22.



  • Joseph Caggige
  • Peter Mantello


  • Kevin Mullin (Lead)
  • Wendy Mantello
  • Rick Wilbur


  • Clerk: Rachel Ringer
  • Moderator: Peter Mantello
  • Treasurer: Millie Mullin


Ministry Leaders


Blessings Library: Millie Mullin

Children’s Ministries: Lynn Kingsley

Clothing Donation Shed: Pat Moore

Community Garden: Bill Kingsley

Food Basket: Joe & Gwen Caggige

Hospitality: Millie Mullin

Men’s Ministries: Bill Kingsley

Mission’s Ministries Directors: Jim & Darlene Hetzel

Music Ministries: Jim Hetzel

Prayer Ministries (Intercessory Prayer: Jim & Darlene Hetzel

Small Groups: Bill Kingsley

We are The Body of Christ Ministry: Pat Moore

Women’s Ministries: Gwen Caggige, Lynn Kingsley & Wendy Mantello


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