Over the past three years we have been a part of sending teams of people from our congregation to Cuba, India and Uganda. Jim and Darlene Hetzel are the Missions Ministry Directers here at Brick and have led these trips. They have a deep passion and love for others and have land in both Africa and India. Their hearts are connected with Pastors, churches, and many beautiful people in both places. There are plans in the in the works to continue to send teams. You can be a part of sending these teams or be a part of going yourself. If you are interested in participating please contact us


Upcoming Trips

Pictures and Videos from past trips

  1. Pictures & Videos: Uganda, Africa – December 2017
  2. Highlight Video: Punjab, India – February 2018
  3. Highlight Video:  Uganda, Africa – July 2018

Hetzel Mission’s Ministry Newsletter







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